The World According To Monsanto

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The world according to Monsanto will be an unpleasant place. They want to patent the very seed that is the basis of our crops worldwide. They want to control the food supply.

What did Henry Kissinger have to say about controlling the food supply?

Kissinger: “Control oil and you control nations; control food and you control the people.”


The World According to Monsanto


Thousands of farmers in India have committed suicide, driven to despair by the trap they ultimately found themselves in once they were in the grip of Monsanto.

Closer to home, farmers have been dragged through the courts, facing financial ruin because some of Monsanto’s patented GM seed has found it’s way into their fields.

The fact that the farmers had no knowledge of the seed that had blown in on the wind, been dropped by a bird or blew off a passing truck loaded with seed destined for a nearby farm, is no defense.

Monsanto’s snoops go onto farmland (unannounced and without permission from the land owner) and collect crop samples. If those samples turn out to have grown from one of Monsanto’s patented GM seeds than Monsanto sues for patent infringement!

If a farmer has cattle which aren’t properly fenced and they end up crashing through a neighboring farm or property, it is the owner of the cattle that is responsible for any damage caused.

But when Monsanto doesn’t keep its “herd” under control, it makes someone else pay.

Imagine if a Monsanto patented seed finds it’s way into your garden. You could loose everything that you have.

GM crops aren’t even living up to the promises made. The whole idea was to make crops that would be resistant to herbicide, so that the farmer could spray his field with poison and the weeds would die but the crop would remain.

Well those weeds have become resistant to the particular herbicide that is used and they are stronger and more invasive than ever.

I don’t want to live in a world where a corporation controls our entire food supply! They’ll be patenting animal genes too. What right do they have mess with the building blocks of life?

If you want clean food that hasn’t been messed with at the genetic level or sprayed with poison, you really need to do your homework. And the easiest way to ensure that food is safe is to grow it yourself.

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