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Self Sufficient Living is your insurance policy against an uncertain future.

Self Sufficient living gives you an affordable, enjoyable and sustainable way of life.

While total self sufficiency may be unobtainable for many people, you can certainly learn to provide for your needs in a smart way. You can make choices that make your life simpler, cheaper and vastly more fulfilling. A good life is within your reach. You might need to stretch a little to grab hold of it, but follow the advice that you’ll find here and it will be easier than you think!

Modern Living Can Be Hard!

  • It’s expensive!
  • it’s Stressful
  • It’s Often Unrewarding!

Our modern world is fast moving and full of uncertainty. Good jobs are disappearing at an astonishing rate, leaving people clinging onto the edges of the comfortable lives they once took for granted.

Millions are struggling everyday just to stay afloat. And everyday countless thousands lose that battle and go under.


Self Sufficient Living Ideas



You can be as self sufficient as you want to be! Producing as much of your food, water and energy as you can manage.

You don’t need to be on a homestead out in the country. With a little effort and ingenuity you can create a bountiful homestead wherever you are.

Even if money is tight right now, there are steps you can take to ease your financial burden. Self sufficient living is simple living, it’s frugal living, but it’s also a better quality of living.

Self sufficient living will save you money, but that isn’t the only reason for adopting this liberating lifestyle.

Our Modern System Is Unsustainable And Starting To Crack

Modern life is 100% dependent on “The System”. But what happens if that system reaches breaking point and collapses?

How will you get food or even clean water, never mind heat for your home?

“The System” is already showing signs of breaking down. “The System” relies on ever increasing growth.

 The System Is Broken


Our debt based money system relies on ever increasing growth … But we live on a finite planet with finite resources.
It doesn’t take a genius to conclude that “The System” is based on a fatal flaw!

It makes sense then to learn as much as possible about the flaws in the system and to take steps to unhook yourself from the matrix.

Aiming for increased self reliance is the smart thing to do!

Self sufficient living is not about going backwards to some golden era in the past where everyone lived off the land and was happy.

That past has never existed. Living off the land in past times was a hard and often grim life.

Self sufficient living means providing for your basic needs yourself, instead of relying on faceless corporations, whose only concern is their bottom line. Yes there is hard work involved, but as the saying goes “Anything worth having is worth working for!

Many of the projects that you will be working on take some effort to set up, but then you can sit back and let them work for you. You will reap the benefits year after year.



“The System” as it stands leaves you vulnerable.

  • Are you content to wait in the wings and hope that everything will be ok?
  • Are you happy to see the cost of feeding your family go up year, after year, after year?
  • Are you confident that your budget can handle annual energy price hikes of up to 30%?
  • Or are you one of the large number of people who are waking up and getting ready to move forward, away from the helpless dependency of modern living?

These people know that making the right choices now and putting in some hard work means that their families won’t go hungry, cold or homeless if the worst should happen.

Can you imagine how different your life would be, if you could pick food from outside your door for free, instead of paying through the nose at the grocery store. You’ll save a fortune over the years and your food will be nutritious and clean.

Imagine never having to pay a utility bill again. You can do this, whatever your situation is today, you can put yourself in a different one tomorrow.

Is money tight for you now? Do you see that changing anytime soon? Decide to do something different and then get busy doing it.

You’ve got a world of knowledge at your fingertips. Use it! There really is no time like the present to make a start.

Take Baby Steps

The most realistic way to make the transition to your more self reliant lifestyle is to take baby steps. Make the simple changes now, and put plans into place for the bigger changes later on.

Just by visiting this site and choosing to learn about self sufficient living you have taken the first step on your journey … just remember to keep going!

We’ve got a full bag of ideas for you to pick through so that you can plan your own route and move forward as time and resources allow.

You can look forward to

  • having increased resilience!
  • having more peace of mind!
  • having a higher quality of life!
  • needing less money!
  • enjoying your life!
  • being secure!
  • being comfortable!
  • feeling proud!
  • being motivated!
  • finding satisfaction!
  • sleeping well!



OK, here is the first step you should try:


Seriously! TV is a dangerous distraction, your life will be better without it. TV sucks your time away from more productive things. Time is your most precious resource. Don’t waste it sitting in front of a picture box.

Author: This article was written for Self Sufficiency HQ by Barbara Wright of Stanford, Kentucky.

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