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A really cheap way to supply amazing nutrients to your plants, is to make your own organic fertilizer.  There are a number of ways you can do this. I like to use seaweed tea  – because it is so easy and costs pretty much nothing at all. Below you can find out how I make it at home.

Seaweed tea is a wonderful mix and gives a real boost to the health of your plants and soil. Seaweed tea can be used directly onto the soil and also as a foliage spray … plants love it…

Make Your Own SeaWeed Tea


Homemade Seaweed Tea Recipe:

The steps are:

1) Gather or buy your seaweed, rinse it very thoroughly and pop it into into a lidded bucket.

2) Add water to cover over the top, but leaving a little bit of room at the top for stirring it – so it doesn’t splash everywhere.

3) Stir it every couple of days and otherwise leave it for anywhere from a few weeks to a few months. Now, it will probably stink to high heaven – which is why you need a lidded bucket 🙂 and store well away from your house!

4) It is ready for use when you can’t smell any ammonia. Strain off the liquid to use as your seaweed tea fertilizer concentrate. You can re-use the same seaweed a couple of times, so just refill your bucket and follow the steps again.

5) Dilute your seaweed tea concentrate at a ratio of five parts water to one part seaweed tea. Or dilute it  even more if the color looks very dark.

6) Water the soil with it directly, and you can also pop some into a spray bottle for use as a foliage spray.

You should find that your plants love your seaweed fertilizer, and that it gives them a real boost in health and growth. Use it regularly for the best results.



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