ReUse Plastic Bottle Tops To Seal Bags

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Here is a really handy idea for using some of those plastic bottle tops, that most of us just throw out into the trash.

Not only does this help keep your food fresh, AND save the necessity of changing the food into a proper storage container … but it makes a rather awesome pourer too! Even with those larger bags such as rice – where this idea really comes into it’s own!

I am sure you will find thise useful, and not only for food – but for many other items that get stored in plastic bags.

Skip on down to the video for the full instructions and some more tips.

The Steps to Reuse Plastic Bottle Tops To Seal Bags:

1. Cut the top of the bottle leaving a small part of the actual bottle’s “shoulder” still attached

Reuse Plastic Bottle Tops


2. Unscrew the bottle top / lid, and thread the plastic of your bag of food (or anything else really) through the shoulder of the bottle itself.


Cut off the bottle top


3. Roll the plastic bag down over the bottle shoulder, and then you simply screw on the bottle top. How cool is that? 

Fold the plastic over the bottle top

 … and you have a really neat storage container. You can use this idea for all sizes and shapes of bag, too.

Screw on the Bottle Top

It works very well with big bags too and makes pouring very easy …

Reuse Plastic Bottle Tops d


Check out the video from Learn To Grow for a few other little tips you will find very useful, too:



What Did You Think?

Such a simple idea, but so very useful and I hope you found it interesting.

Do you have any other great ideas for re-purposing bottle tops? If you would like to share, then please leave your tips in the comments below, thanks!

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