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These Permaculture Gardening Videos are invaluable resource for anyone wanting to grow an abundance of food.

Back in 2007 I read a book called The One Straw Revolution by Mansuoba Fukuoka. The book detailed his decades long journey, developing methods of sustainable agriculture which produced amazing crop yields with less effort and little costs compared to conventional methods.


The One Straw Revolution

His methods consistently out performed the other farms in his area which were utilizing all of the modern agricultural methods and products that they could get their hands on. It was a revelation to me and I was determined to give his methods a go.

The One Straw Revolution was mainly concerned with grain farming in Japan so I searched around to see if anyone was already utilizing his methods in this part of the world.

I hit gold when I came across a video featuring Emilia Hazelip. She too was inspired by the methods of Mansuoba Fukuoka and set about creating food gardens based on his principles.

After some trial and error she adapted Fukuoka’s methods and developed the style of gardening that I now use and that I’m encouraging you to use.


An educational video on no-till synergistic gardening that describes the step-by-step processes developed by Emilia Hazelip to create an ecological agriculture.

She became interested in Fukuoka’s work in 1977 and this video shows the cultural and climatological adaptations she has developed in the course of years of research.

A synergistic garden is an ecosystem that is consciously designed to allow all the dynamic life forms present in a wild soil to remain present while still growing crops (on whatever scale).

It is that simple. But that’s not the view commonly held in the sphere of science or in the politics of agribusiness which rule France.

Emilia exclaims passionately: “The living world is not understood by the technician, and since it is not understood, it is not studied for its diversity. People always want to apply mechanical laws to it…”


Emilia Hazelip – Synergistic Permaculture Garden

 Part 1


Emilia Hazelip – Synergistic Permaculture Garden

 Part 2


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Author: This article was written for Self Sufficiency HQ by Caroline Taylor of Klamath Falls, Oregon.



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