Newly Hatched Ducklings Disappeared Mysteriously!

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… only to be found safe and warm. But you will be surprised to see where the ducklings disappeared to!

As a cat owner, I know how sometimes amazing connections can be made between different species. There are many instances of a mother feeding babies from a completely different type of animal.

I remember when I was young, we found a very young, tiny orphan kitten. We took her home and she started nestling into my mothers dog. Within just a few days the dog (who had never even had babies) started producing milk to feed this little orphan.

Sometimes “Mother Love” is all encompassing and knows no bounds.


Nursing Cat Ducklings Disappeared


Watch this heart warming video and be amazed!

The Cat & Ducklings Video



And here are some shots of the little family together.

Mother Cat Nursing Ducklings!

The Mother Cat and Ducklings

Mother Cat, Kittens And Ducklings – Family Nap Time


Cat And Disappeared Ducklings

The Duckings Cuddling With The Kittens

Kittens And Ducklings



Have You Ever Seen Anything Like This?

Nature can sometimes produce very odd friendships, but this union of the cat and ducklings is something I have never seen before!

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