How To Make Plant Tea Fertilizer

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Liquid plant tea fertilizer is simply plant material that is steeped in water for a period. Although many people tend to refer to plant tea fertilizer as “compost” tea – it is not.


Make Plant Tea Fertilizer

Compost tea differs in that contains a whole range of micro-organisms from the composting process that are not usually present on or in the leafy material that is used to make plant tea. However, it is still an excellent and very cheap fertilizer for your garden.

What Is Plant Tea Fertilizer?

Simply put, plant fertilizer tea – which also known as “weed tea” – is just the liquid that comes from steeping plant material in water for a period of time. The best thing about it, is that it is totally free and everyone can make it. You can use weeds that you pull up out of the garden – don’t waste them! The wider range of plants you can put into your plant tea mix the better, as there will be a wider range of nutrients in the final product.

Similar to compost tea, a plant tea fertilizer is extremely easy to make. It requires no fancy equipment, just a bucket or barrel with a lite, a stick for stirring, some plant material and water. Oh, and of course your time!


Below is a video that shows the steps to easily making your own liquid fertilizer – from start to finish.



This is what Plant Tea Fertilizer looks like after it has been soaking … and yes … it stinks to high heaven!


Making Weed Tea Fertilizer

Easy to make, simple to use, Plant Tea Fertilizer is something that will make a big difference to the health and productivity of your plants. So why not give it a try? And please, feel free to share your own experiences in the comments section, below …


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