Awesome Tree Recycling Ideas

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So, you have a felled tree and already have too much firewood? Or you want to find a creative way to recycle your Christmas Tree? Or maybe you found a beautiful piece of driftwood you would like to find a use for? Tree recycling is a great way to put those stumps and logs to use.

Below are some really great ideas of ways you can recycle trees – and have something wonderful to show for it. Get the kids involved and undertake a project together that you will all be proud to show off…

Tree Stump Tables

First up is this lovely pair of side tables made from recycled tree stumps. I think they have a great flowing effect, they almost look like fabric off a long dress.

Tables From Tree Stumps

Another fabulous side table, from a tree stump. As you can see, you can easily choose go with either a really rustic look … or a high quality finish which produces a “furniture showroom” piece of furniture.

Tree Trunk Side Table

Tree Stump Chair

Here, not only has a tree stump been put to use, but they have also used and recycled an old chair. I love this idea for tree recycling.

Chair from recycled tree

Up-Cycled Into a Wine Rack

Recycled Wood Wine Rack


Wooden Bird Feeders

Awesomely cute as well as functional, check  out these bird feeders below …

Wine Rack and Bird Feeder

Tree Trunk Garden Planters

Tree Trunk Planter

Flower Planter

Tree Trunk Furniture

Unique Tree Trunk Furniture

Glass Top DriftWood Table

Driftwood Table


What Do You Think?

Are you inspired now to go out looking for tree trunks to make your own gorgeous piece of artwork, and practical end products? Let your imagination run wild, and do come back and share what ways you have used tree recycling, ok?

And if you have something you would like to add here, please leave it in the comments below …

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