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Welcome to our site! Self Sufficiency HQ is a collection of helpful and interesting ideas for ways to improve your lifestyle – with the general theme of becoming self sufficient. A work in progress, I would love it if you would bookmark the site so you can come back and see what’s new. And please share with your friends.


Self Sufficiency


What Self Sufficiency HQ is About

This site is dedicated in giving you affordable everyday solutions to create and sustain a sustainable lifestyle. I am committed to finding and sharing new and improved methods and products to help support earth friendly living – that won’t break the bank.

Explore how simple changes like choosing sustainable materials when remodeling or building your home to using a compost bin in your kitchen can help you live green for less.

Simple changes to your daily habits can reduce negative effects on the environment and save you a whole lot of money in the process. Here is just two ideas:

Unplugging stereos, cd players and household appliances when not in use can conserve an average of $25 to $100 each year.

Switching from old incandescent light bulbs to super efficient LED bulbs can save you $30 to $50 per bulb annually.

A lot of us would like to help contribute to an eco-friendly environment but assume we have no time or resources to apply necessary steps to make a positive change. Taking the time to act towards sustainable living is something we can all accomplish.

Simple Beginnings to Living a Sustainable Life

Have you purchased cleaning products lately? How about light bulbs? Maybe you needed to replenish your laundry detergent or buy a new comforter?

Most everything you use in the home can be found as an earth friendly product.

Maybe you’ve tried some ‘green products’ and thought, “this stuff is #%$&*”. Not to worry, effectiveness and affordability of earth friendly products has increased exponentially in the last few years.

Explore my site to learn how to make a green home and take a look at my green products page to find what your looking for.

Thinking about the burden of living green or taking steps to assure we live an earth-friendly lifestyle can be overwhelming if we look at what change needs to be made to make a positive impact.

This site is designed to give affordable everyday solutions to create and sustain an eco-living household while making a green home, one house at a time.


Navigating Self Sufficiency HQ

So you can find your way around, below are a couple of the main categories you will find here:

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Thank you for visiting, and I hope you found something interesting to inspire you towards a self sufficient lifestyle.


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